Name: SMIZYME Multi-Enzyme for Layers

Product category: High concentrate compound enzymes, Powder/Granular

Shelf life: 12 months

    1.Special for the layer, enzyme formula was designed according to the digestive physiology and feed ingredient of layer.
    2.Fungal source xylanase with high incision activity, reaction quickly in the poultry intestine, that is more suitable for the short length of poultry digestive tract.
    3.High enzyme activity of β-Glucannase can enhance the digestibility of the soybean meals and miscellaneous meals in feedstuff.
    4.The protease and Amylase are complementary for the endogenous enzymes. can supply the shortage of digestive enzyme of layer.
    5.Submerged fermentation can avoid microorganism contamination, assure the safe of feed.
    6.With good stability in long-term storage and feed processing.
    7.Good stability with metal ions in feedstuff and endogenous enzymes in animal digestive tract.

    1.Degrade the anti-nutrition factors and supply the shortage of digestive enzyme, improve the utilization of feed.
    2.Increase the usage of non-conventional feed, lower the feed cost.
    3.Increase the metabolic energy partly.
    4.Stablize the laying peak period, lower the feed:egg ratio and improve the eggshell quality.
    5.Restrain the growth of harmful bacteria in post intestine and lower the fecal viscosity and dirty egg rate, improve the poultry health.
    6.In breeding poultry, it can improve the egg quality, keep the egg uniformity and reduce the broken egg rate.
    7.Reduce the quality change among different batches of feed ingredient, stabilize the feed quality.
    8.Enhance the fecal quality, reduce the environment pollution.

Composition: Xylanase, Glucannase,Cellulase,Mannanase,Pectinase,Amylase,Acid Protease

Dosage:(g/T complete feed)


Dosage in complete feed (g/T)


     1. Special for the layers feed.
     2. Please dilute it with other feed ingredients before mixing

Package: 20kg /bag

Storage: Keep in dry, cool, ventilated place and shield from light.

Shelf life: 12 months below 20℃, in unopened package.

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