Name: SMIZYME Multi-Enzyme for growing and finishing pigs


Product category: High concentrate compound enzymes, Powder/Granular


Shelf life: 12 months



    1.A mixture of different single enzyme, which can meet the demand of enzyme for growing and finishing pigs accurately.
    2.Wide enzyme spectrum, improve the utilization of non-conventional feed resource.
    3.Compound different enzyme reasonably according to the digestibility and physiology of swine.
    4.Good adaption for the pH, protease and metal ions in swine body.
    5.All single enzymes are produced by submerged fermentation.
    6.With good stability in storage and transport, good thermostability in feed processing .

    1.Increase the feed digestibility and daily weight gain.
    2.Improve the milk yield, benefit for the sow body recovery after pregnant.
    3.Reduce the quality change among different batches of feed raw materials, stabilize the feed quality.
    4.Reduce the difference of the body weight and improve the swine herd uniformity.
    5.Decrease the feed cost under the same performance

Composition: Xylanase, Glucannase, Cellulase, Mannanase, Pectinase, Amylase, Acid Protease


Dosage:(g/T complete feed)

  Growing   and Finishing Pigs

Dosage in complete feed ( g/T)


     1. Special for the growing and finishing pigs feed.
     2. Please dilute it with other feed ingredients before mixing.


Package: 20kg /bag


Storage: Keep in dry, cool, ventilated place and shield from light.


Shelf life: 12 months below 20℃, in unopened package.



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