Name: SMIZYME Cellulase

Product category: Cellulase, Powder

Specification: Activity ≥3,000U/g;  ≥6,000U/g

Shelf life: 12 months

    1. Selected strain, with high activity.
    2. With abundant associated enzyme---glucanase, synergistic effect.
    3. Strong stress tolerance for proteinase, heat, acid.
    4. Wide pH and temperature range.

    1. Hydrolyze the cellulose, break the framework of plant cell wall, completely releases the nutrient in the cell.
    2. Preventing injury of gastrointestinal tract from cellulose, decrease intestinal disease.
    3. Improve the nutrients utilization.
    4. Increase the unconventionality feedstuff utilization, lower the cost.
    5. Keep the intestinal flora balance, improve animal immunity.

Specification: Cellulase activity≥3,000 U/g; ≥6,000U/g

Dosage:(g/T complete feed)

3,000 U/g

Dosage in complete feed g/T


    1. In premix, dosage should be calculated based on the suitable proportion of complete feed.
    2. Please dilute it with other feed ingredients before mixing.

Package: 20kg/ bag

Storage: Keep in the ventilated, dry and cool places, avoid contact with harmful substance

Shelf life: 12 months below 20℃, in unopened package.



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