Product category: Phytase, Liquid

Specification: Activity ≥ 5,000U/ml, ≥10,000U/ml

Shelf life:6 months


    1.Advanced post processing craft
Adopt international advanced centrifugation and membrane filtration post-processing technology, make sure the high quality of purity and transparence. The Product has high stability and can be diluted with water at any ratio and can be used compatibly with other liquid enzymes, widely applicable to various types of PPLA equipment.
    2.High stability in environment temperature.
The application of advanced liquid stabilization technology, ensures the stability nature of Smizyme LQ.. Under the condition of room temperature. It has long shelf life, and also show good resistance in high temperature environment, not freeze at 0°C.
    3.Perfect atomization performance
Added atomization efficiency factor will lower the viscosity of the product, enhance the polarity and surface tension of liquid molecules, which are helpful to atomization. After atomization there will be over 2000000 drops per milliliter phytase. Under the action of molecular polarity, droplets can go to rapid adhesion and infiltration of feed particles, not easy peeling off.
    4.Stability in PPLA feed storage
An unique protein protective agent added can reduce the lose of phytase activity affected by temperature, oxidation etc. Ensure the enzyme activity in PPLA feed remained stable during storage.
    5.Intrinsically high biological efficiency and widely pH range
Selected strain from Escherichia coli. Using liquid submerged fermentation process. Phytase from E. coli has higher enzyme production efficiency and better biological activity than aspergillus source for animals. The enzyme showed high relative enzyme activity, in pH 2.5~6.0, that’s according to the pH range of the poultry crop (pH 4.5~5.0). Smizyme LQ phytase can be widely used in poultry feed.
    6.No harmful composition, strict quality control in producing process.
Strict control of ingredient quality, in the whole process of fermentation and post processing, no contact with any illegal and harmful substances, also do not contain any genetically modified ingredients. It is an environmental protection, biological safety feed additives.

Specification: Activity ≥5,000U/ml, ≥10,000U/ml.

Dosage(ml/T complete feed)

5,000 U/ml

10,000 U/ml

Dosage   in complete feed (ml/T)



       1. Please balance calcium with calcium source after decreasing the amount of DCP or MCP in feed.

Package:  Rubber Bucket, 200Kg/ drum.

Storage: Kept in dry, cool, ventilated place and shielded from light. Do not freeze.

Shelf life:  6 months below 20℃, in unopened package.

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