Name:SMIZYME PD Phytase


Product category:Phytase, Powder


Specification: activity 5,000U/g to 100,000U/g


Shelf life:12 months



   1.Hydrolyze the phytic acid phosphorus, enhance the total phosphorus utilization in plant raw of feed.
   2.Reduce the dosage of inorganic phosphorus (e.g. DCP or MCP), lower the formula cost.
   3.Enlarge the feed formula space for adjusting the feed formula.
   4.Decrease the excretion of phosphorus in feces and therefore reduce phosphorus pollution.
   5.Matrix effect, release the nutriment compound to phytic acid, Increase the utilization of energy, protein and mineral element and so on.
   6.Reduce the usage of DCP, improve the environment of the production.
   7.Lower the chance of Fluorosis and heavy metal poisoning when using low quality DCP.

Specification: Activity 5,000U/g to 100,000U/g

Appearance:  Powder, good free-flowing.

Dosage (g/T complete feed)



Meat duck


Lying duck

Dosage (5,000U/g)






   1. Please balance calcium with calcium source after decreasing the amount of DCP or MCP in feed.
   2. Please dilute phytase with other feed ingredients before mixing.
   3. Pelleting temperature should not over 85°C.

Package: 20 kg/bag

Storage: Kept in dry, cool, ventilated place and shielded from light.

Shelf life: 12 months below 20℃,in unopened package.





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