Name: SMIZYME Xylanase

Product category: Xylanase, Powder/Granular

Specification: Activity ≥100,000U/g;≥50,000U/g;≥10,000U/g;

Shelf life: 12 months


    1. With large proportion endo-xylanase, which hydrolyses the β-1,4 bond in the xylan backbone, yielding short xylooligomers.
    2. Can liberate other nutrients bound to xylan in plant feed, improve the other nutrients utilization.
    3. Change the makeup and activity of the intestinal microflora. Keep the intestinal flora heathy, reduce the diarrhea.
    4. Contain suitable amount of cellulase and β-glucanase which interact with xylanase, synergistic effect.

    1. Effectively hydrolyze the xylan in plant feed material, reduce viscosity of digesta, enhance the contact between nutrient and digestive enzyme, increase the nutrient digestion and utilizing rate;
    2. Shorten the quality discrepancy among different batches of feed raw materiasl, stabilize the feed product quality;
    3. Ease the fecal viscosity, reduce the dirty eggs and improve the egg quality.
    4 Increase the usage quantity of unconventional raw material (wheat, bran, wheat-middlings, rice bran and etc.), reduce the feed cost;
    5. Produce abundant of Xylooligosaccharides, promote the growth of probiotic, inhibit the pathogenic bacterial growth and help the immune systems of the animals;

Specification:xylanase activity≥100,000 U/g;≥50,000 U/g;≥10,000 U/g.

Dosage:(g/T complete feed)

10,000 U/g

Dosage in complete   feed   (g/ton)


    1. In premix, dosage should be calculated based on the suitable proportion of complete feed.
    2. Please dilute it with other feed ingredients before mixing.
    3. The dosage of xylanase should be raised if the content of wheat increases in formula. 

Package: 20kg/bag.

Storage: keep in the ventilated, dry and cool places, avoid contact with harmful substance.

Shelf life: 12 months below 20℃, in unopened package.


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